Creative Collective


We believe that humanity was made in the image of God the Creator, and as such we are also made to create.

We have among us at Una people who identify as musicians, poets, painters, dancers, wordsmiths, problem solvers, builders and more. We are a community of many different people with diverse creative gifts. We recognize that God has given us these gifts, and as image bearers we want to use them in the ongoing work of God on the earth – to participate in creative ways in the ongoing reconciliation and redemption of all things.   

The Una Creatives Collective is a community trying to answer the question: What would it look like to live our lives in creative response to what we hear the Spirit of God speaking to us?

In addition to developing and practicing our gifts in community, our Creatives also help shape our Sunday morning worship gathering. Musicians lead us in a response of worship to God. Painters help expand our ability to express this response. Storytellers provide new windows to the work God is doing in our world and in our lives.